Washer/Dryer Repair

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If you are lucky enough to have a washer and dryer in your home, than you know how valuable these appliances working, can be. Whether it’s just you, or you and a family, a functioning washer and dryer can save you time and money by providing in-home services. So, when these appliances fail you, it can be, not only frustrating, but a strain on both your schedule and bank account. But worry not, Waco Appliance Repair is here to help and we promise you that we can get you up and washing today!

No Water Entering Washer

Washers run by using a combination of water and detergent to get your clothes clean. So, when water isn’t being let in to your washing machine, there’s an obvious problem. A lack of water, can happen because of a plethora of issues; some easy to fix and others a bit more complicated. The fist thing to do (and a free tip here) is to make sure that your water valves are open. If they are, and water still isn’t flowing, it’s time to give us a call. We’re familiar with all washer types and we can diagnose and fix this problem in a flash.

Washer Leaking

If you are noticing water on the floor, by your washer, either during use or before or after, you could have a leak. Again, this problem could be relatively simple, such as a failing hose or bad connection, or it could be something bigger. We keep hoses and valves in stock, so fixing your leak shouldn’t be much trouble. If you just give us a call, we can come out to assess what your problem seems to be and take the appropriate steps to get you all fixed up.

Dryer Not Heating Up

Because dryers are high-voltage devices, we recommend calling us whenever it seems like there may be a problem. Dryers work by producing heat which, in turn, is transferred to your wet clothes, making them dry. If heat isn’t being produced, the dryer can’t function properly. When this happens, there are several steps you can take on your own, such as cleaning the lint trap and making sure the dryer is turned to a heating cycle, but if you’ve done both and still no heat is produced, give us a call to come and take a look.

Dryer Drum Stuck

A dryer functions best by moving clothes around inside a drum. This helps heat to be distributed evenly to your clothes. If the drum isn’t spinning, your dryer is not functioning as it should. This is usually the result of a burned out motor or a worn out and broken belt. Because you need to access the internals of your dryer to fix this issue, we recommend calling us to help. We have motors and belts in stock for all major brands and we know how to access your dryer’s internals in the safest, most efficient way possible.


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