Stove/Oven Repair

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Ovens and stoves are the workhorses of the kitchen. These beauties assist with all manner of cooking and prep and, when they aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to empty mouths and hungry bellies. Not only that, but not being able to prepare food you’ve already purchased can lead to more expenditures, like eating out. In order to remedy this, if your stove or oven seems like it’s acting up, let us come out and take a look. We know these appliances like the backs of our hands and we assure you that we can get you cooking in no time.

Won’t Turn On

Naturally, in order for any sort of appliance to work correctly, it needs to turn on. This problem could be a multitude of things, but generally speaking it’s usually the electrical system or a blown fuse. Modern ovens will typically have some sort of indicator or warning if a blown fuse is the problem, but not all do. And, because ovens can be extremely dangerous, we always recommend having one of our people come out to help with this. We offer cost effective solutions to all your oven repair needs.

Little or No Heat

It should be pretty obvious that the oven or stove’s one main job is to heat food up. However, if no heat is being generated by your appliance, than a problem is most definitely present. Usually, this problem is related to electric ovens and can be caused by several things, ranging from a blown fuse to the bake element not properly working. We have an assortment of fuses and bake elements in our warehouse, that we can install whenever you need. An oven not heating is a problem that you don’t have to tackle alone.

Gas Leak

A gas leak is not just an oven problem, it’s a major safety hazard. Gas leaks can cause irreparable harm to you and your loved ones; resulting in breathing problems and asphyxiation. Gas leaks are also a leading cause of fires. If you smell gas, do not attempt to do anything yourself. Call us immediately and we will be at your door in no time. We have the knowledge and know how to, not only contain the leak, but to make sure that it is shut off and fixed so that no future, bigger problems arise because of this.


Another common issue, especially with older ovens and stoves, is over heating. Inside your oven or stove is something called a temperature sensor and, if this part isn’t working correctly, your oven doesn’t know how hot it is getting. This can lead to simple problems, such as burning or overcooking your meal or much large problems, such as oven fires. If your oven or stove seems to be running hot, stop using it immediately and give us a call. We have the parts in stock to make sure that your oven is talking to itself, regulating heat in the correct way.


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