Refrigerator Repair

man opening a fridge

The refrigerator is one of those home appliances that is absolutely necessary to the modern family. This bad boy keeps your food cold, prolonging its shelf life so that costly trips to the grocery store don’t need to happen every day. So, when the fridge stops working, it can be more than frustrating; it can actually be dangerous and costly. At Waco Appliance Repair, we want to fix the problem before you jump to replacing your beloved appliance. Most of the time, your refrigerator’s ailment is a pretty simple thing, that doesn’t require a brand new machine purchase.

Refrigerator Leaking

If you have water on the kitchen floor, but don’t know where it’s coming from, it’s possible that your refrigerator is leaking. Or, if you open your refrigerator doors, only to see water on the bottom shelf, this can be another sign that something is wrong. This problem may seem scary, but there are really only a few possible reasons that this is happening and, guess what? We specialize in repairing blown door gaskets and in servicing and fixing drain pans and defrost drains so that this problem won’t happen in the future.

Refrigerator Too Loud

Refrigerators, unfortunately, always make some kind of sounds. Whether its the gentle hum of the electrical system or the soft sound of water flowing through the lines, some sort of refrigerator noise is to be expected. However, if your refrigerator is buzzing, banging, or making you feel like it’s attempting to put on a rock concert in your kitchen, something is amiss. Generally speaking, fixing refrigerator noise is not a difficult task, and with our amazing service team, we can assist you in making sure that your fridge is as quiet as the day you brought it home.

Refrigerator Not Running Cold Enough

Refrigerators not running cold enough is actually a very common “problem”. If you feel like your groceries aren’t lasting as long as they should or, when you open the door, if you aren’t feeling that nice blast of icy chills, it’s possible that something is wrong. The first step here, is to check the settings and make sure they are set to a nice cold temperature, but if you’ve done that and things still don’t seem to be working, than a large problem is present. Let us take a look and get that chill back.

Refrigerator Is Too Cold

Believe it or not, a refrigerator running too cold is actually a pretty big problem. While you do want to keep perishable items cold, freezing them can decrease their shelf life and, sometimes, destroy them all together. This could, again, be a simple thermostat issue, but if you’ve tried to adjust that and it still seems like things are too cold, than something is going on. This could be a damper problem or, perhaps, you need a new thermostat all together. Before you rush out and buy a new fridge, let us try and get things working.


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