Appliance Brands

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We, here, at Waco Appliance Repair service almost any top appliance brand. Because we have years of service in the appliance field, we’ve come in to contact with almost every brand out there. We constantly strive to keep up to date on which brands provide which appliances and what it takes to repair all of them. Rest assured, that no matter what brand your appliance is, we have the knowledge, skills, training and experience to make sure that whatever problem you’re experiencing, can be fixed whenever you need it fixed.

Washer/Dryer Brands

Washers and Dryers are made by several different companies, all over the world. The biggest and most popular brands for washers and dryers consist of Whirlpool, a company founded in 1911, Kenmore, a Sears based brand fruit released in 1927, Maytag, which started selling in 1907 and GE, the original washer and dryer brand, which began way back in 1890.  Within these brands, there are also different types of washers and dryers: side by side, stackable and compact. We are familiar with all of these brands and types and damn help you to repair any of them.

Oven/Stove Brands

Like washers and dryers, ovens and stoves come in many different brands and types. Ovens are typically wall mounted, while stoves are generally free standing. Bosch is a mass market, consumer friendly brand, while Jenn-Air are considered to be higher end appliances, that considerably more expensive to, not only purchase, but repair as well. Stove brands, like Viking and LG offer both gas and electric models and are extremely popular with the general consumer. We have a working knowledge of these brands and we keep parts for all of these brands in stock so that we are able and ready to repair your appliance at a moments notice.

Refrigerator Brands

Refrigerators come in a wide assortment of types and brands, each designed to cater to different situations. These days, there are smart refrigerators like the Samsung Family Hub, which beyond standards fridge equipment, is also built with wireless communication inside it. There are also value refrigerators, like the Maytag brand line. Refrigerators also come in top freezer models like the Frigidaire Gallery or bottom freezers, such as the LG bottom freezer line. We keep up with all current models to ensure that, should you have a problem, we are there to fix it.

Dishwasher Brands

Dishwashers, like all other appliances, come in, what may seem like, a never ending list of brands. There are brands that everyone knows, such as Whirlpool and Samsung and Maytag, but there are also luxury brands out there, like Amana Beko and Dacor that, while you might not have heard of, we have! We research and read up on every brand out there so that, no matter how high-end or hard to find your dishwasher is, we have what it takes to fix it. Let us be your friend when it comes to dishwasher repair.


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